Roteria™ Makeup Brush - Renaly

Roteria™ Makeup Brush

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This electric makeup brush is a great helper and perfect addition to your beauty routine if you desire more seamless foundation, concealer, highlighter, or blush-blending sessions. They also cut down on the amount of time it can take to apply your makeup.


  • Super soft bristle, ideal for sensitive skin, creating flawless base makeup.
  • Unique angled contour brush can cover each part of the face, creating a clear layered makeup with wholeness.
  • 200rpm power-driven rotating brush enables easy and quick makeup, gives you brand-new taste and endless fun in the makeup process.
  • Ergonomic handle design makes it easy to hold and very comforting to use.
  • Washable and great for liquids, concealers, powders, bronzers and more. Perfect for skilled and beginners.
  • With a hook on the bottom, you can hang it to a rack for storage or just put it on flat surface.